Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sorted Stock of Sodas

After our weekend trip to Blue Sun Soda, I had to sort my soda stock in the basement:

Sodas from Frattallones, Blue Sun, and Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

The open case on top of our "soda fridge" is half "Frattallone Ace" soda and half "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store" soda.  The case on top next to the fridge is the new case from "Blue Sun Soda," and the one below that is a few more bottles from "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store."

In total, I have nearly 60 bottles waiting for me. A few at the back of the top case are "repeats" that I've reviewed before, so they're saved for cooking or for giving to friends. Happy soda drinking!

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