Steve's Tastes

It should be worth noting what I like and what I don't.

I prefer "smooth" root beer, with not too much anise flavor. I don't care for herby or spicy flavors in my soda.

With regards to non-root beer soda, I like sugary and syrupy. If it's a traditional strawberry soda, I want it to be a little "rich." I'm not against subtle flavors, but I tend to want to know what I'm drinking.


  1. Try Thomas Kemper Root Beer. Think it will fit the "smooth" preference and it doesn't have HFCS.

    A friend got me hooked but unfortunately TK lost their distributor where I live.

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I'll look for them and give them a try!

  2. My favorite is still Henry Weinhards. The head is so thick that if you over-handle it prior to opening it will spew creamy foam. From a fairly old brewery that also makes decent beer. I like like my beer thick, smooth, creamy, flavorful, and with a bountiful head - this is my rootbeer version of all of that. Also killer orange cream soda!

  3. Have you tried Northern Soda based in Arden Hills? My fave is the North Coast Cooler. Tastes like caramelized pineapple.

  4. I really love Howie's root beer. It's bottled in UT, and I've only ever seen it for sale along the Watch Front. But, it's a smooth flavor that I love. It's my favorite. I don't like sharp root beers.