Steve's Tastes

It should be worth noting what I like and what I don't.

I prefer "smooth" root beer, with not too much anise flavor. I don't care for herby or spicy flavors in my soda.

With regards to non-root beer soda, I like sugary and syrupy. If it's a traditional strawberry soda, I want it to be a little "rich." I'm not against subtle flavors, but I tend to want to know what I'm drinking.


  1. Try Thomas Kemper Root Beer. Think it will fit the "smooth" preference and it doesn't have HFCS.

    A friend got me hooked but unfortunately TK lost their distributor where I live.

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I'll look for them and give them a try!

  2. My favorite is still Henry Weinhards. The head is so thick that if you over-handle it prior to opening it will spew creamy foam. From a fairly old brewery that also makes decent beer. I like like my beer thick, smooth, creamy, flavorful, and with a bountiful head - this is my rootbeer version of all of that. Also killer orange cream soda!

  3. I really love Howie's root beer. It's bottled in UT, and I've only ever seen it for sale along the Watch Front. But, it's a smooth flavor that I love. It's my favorite. I don't like sharp root beers.