Rating System

I rate all of the sodas I drink on a scale from 1 to 10. A score of 4 to 6 is average. Anything above 8 is great. Here are my thoughts on the ratings:

0:     WTF? This isn't even a liquid.
1-3:  Would not recommend paying for this. Possible weird aftertaste. Possible hallucinations.
4-6:  It's soda. It's average. Can't complain, but won't brag either.
7-8:  I'd purchase this again. It was a good experience.
9:     Well above average. You should purchase this now. Drink it.
10:   Trade your first-born for this soda if you have to. Put it inside of you ASAP.


  1. FYI: 1919 made by Schell's is fantastic if you can find it. I mostly see it as 5 gal kegs or on tap.

    Also, Lift Bridge Brewery in Stillwater is making their own rootbeer, available only at the tap room (open most weeknights 5-8 and 1-5 on Saturday).

  2. Thank you for the blog and the makes-sense-to-me rating system (extra points for humor). After blind-buying a bunch of 5's I now find myself scanning your root beer reviews for anything 7+. Barry, Virginia Beach VA