Friday, April 29, 2016

First Trip to Blue Sun Soda

This morning, my boys and I stopped by Blue Sun Soda in the north metro (it's just a bit west of the 35E/35W split along Hwy 10). I got the boys some treats, and Daddy got a case of soda. Here are some photos:

Blue Sun Soda Shop
My 4-year-old sitting out front.

Blue Sun Soda Shop

This is a great idea! We grabbed a small bag for the boys to share on the way out.

Favorites from the staff.

Blue Sun Soda Shop
Strolling through the taffy. We were going to get some for my wife.

Wait, aren't candy cigarettes banned in MN? I thought that's
why "Minnesota's Largest Candy Store" was in the news a few years back.

Blue Sun Soda Shop

Blue Sun Soda Shop
Some Orange soda.

Blue Sun Soda Shop
Root beer to the right, and cola to the left.

Blue Sun Soda Shop
This is all MN made Whistler Soda. I didn't get any, but I need to try some SOON.

Blue Sun Soda Shop
Two FREE pinball machines!  This is the first time Henry played!

This was in the front of the store. Sweet!

Blue Sun Soda Shop
Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer.

Some gross novelty flavors.

Random flavors.

There were 2 younger guys working there, and they were super helpful and nice. Some of the first reviews I read after Blue Sun had opened noted problems with the staff, but these guys were great. My only complaint is super minor, and it's seen in that last photo: some of the more random flavors were just arranged by color. There could be a "novelty" soda section, but instead they were scattered a bit. Not too big of a deal, but that's seriously my only complaint with the place.

My 1-year-old and 4-year-old teaming up on a free pinball machine.

I got a few of these. Look for a review of this coming in the next few weeks.

Blue Sun Soda Shop
Charlie running between the lemon lime and grape sodas.

Charlie got a big sucker that he enjoyed on the way home (along with some of the free popcorn).

Henry got his first package of Pop Rocks!  He was excited to try them.

He giggled and smiled as the Pop Rocks fizzled in his mouth.

Those photos above were taken as we were sitting in their parking lot. We drove home as the boys enjoyed their snacks.

When we got home, I thought Charlie had broken out in a rash.
Turns out, it was just sticky sucker residue.

More cherry stickiness on his face.

Our candy stash: some Pez, some taffy for my wife, some Cow Tails (which are my favorite),
and Henry's mostly-eatan Pop Rocks. (This doesn't include Charlie's sucker or our free popcorn.)

My soda stash: over half root beer, nearly 1/4 black cherry, and the rest are random flavors.

Check out Blue Sun Soda on Facebook, and stop in sometime. I know we'll be back!

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