Thursday, November 21, 2019

"Remix:" A New Candy and Popcorn Shop in the Merriam Park Neighborhood of St. Paul

Earlier this week, we stopped by the newest addition to our neighborhood: the popcorn and candy shop named "Remix." (Seen as "Remix Delights" and/or "Remix Popcorn and Delights" in a few places as well.) It's located at 2042 Marshall Ave in St. Paul - near Cleveland and Marshall, on the same block as Izzy's Ice Cream and Choo Choo Bob's Train Store.

Remix Popcorn and Delights
Half the candy at "Remix." This is the back half. There's a rack like this in the front.

The candy is all in "bulk" where you scoop your own. Everything is the same price, so you can just pick and choose as you fill you bag! My boys each picked a few treats for their individual bags, and then it got weighed at the counter.

Cassette Tapes at Remix Popcorn and Delights
The front wall is decorated with lots of old cassettes...

Cassette Tapes at Remix Popcorn and Delights
.... and the light fixtures are even made out of cassettes!

Different Flavors of Popcorn at Remix Popcorn and Delights
Decorative tubes of flavored popcorn in the front window.

They have fudge in different flavors that is $4 a piece (for a LARGE piece). And their flavored popcorn has a few different "tiers" with lots of different flavors in each tier, and different sizes available to purchase.

Fudge at Remix

Popcorn at Remix.
Some of the popcorn flavors.

Different size options.

No major signage out front yet, so you have to find it on Marshall!

My boys and I think it's great! Stop by sometime! 2042 Marshall Ave in St. Paul.

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