Friday, September 2, 2016

Rating Our State Fair Treats!

Yesterday, my boys and I went to the Minnesota State Fair.  Here's a quick rundown of the 9 treats we had while I was there (with my standard scoring system of 1=crap, 5=average, and 10=the best thing ever).

FOOD #1: Soft pretzel from the place next to the sheep barn: delicious.  SCORE: 7.

FOOD #2: Deep-fried Spam bites. OK, but nothing spectacular. SCORE: 5.

FOOD #3: Deep-fried olives stuffed with cream cheese. I'm not a huge olive fan,
but these were GOOD. My Dad loved them. SCORE: 8.5.

FOOD #4: Ice cream sandwich (free at the end of the kid's "farmhand experience").
It's a standard ice cream sandwich. SCORE: 5.

FOOD #5: Gizmo (Italian bun stuffed with sausage, beef, and cheese).
Good seasoning. Good flavor. Cheesy goodness! SCORE: 7.

FOOD #6: Deep-fried grilled cheese bites from O'Garas. AMAZING. Really cheesy
and not super bready. These rival cheese curds. Really. SCORE: 9.

We HAD to stop for honey sticks in the Horticulture building. They're 4 for a $1.

FOOD #7: Henry's eating a root beer honey stick, and I had a clover honey and wildflower honey stick. SCORE: 6.

FOOD #8: Seriously some of the best mini donuts I've ever had. This was right next to the Kiddie Midway,
and I think it was Tiny Tim donuts (maybe Tom Thumbs - I'm not sure). SCORE: 8.5.

FOOD #9: Cotton Candy on the way home. Just normal cotton candy. SCORE: 5.

Oh, and I didn't have any soda at the fair this year, but I passed 2 or 3 of these root beer barrels:

And I NEARLY stopped for a 1919 root beer float on the way to the exit.

I Instagrammed this photo of our 9 fair foods.

For me, the olives were the big surprise, and the deep fried grilled cheese bites were my favorite. But the mini-dounts were a close 2nd!

Here's a quick post from the State Fair in 2013, here are some photos from Henry's and my visit to the State Fair in 2014, and a few photos from 2015.  In 2013, it was my 100th post; in 2014, it was my 199th; and in 2015, it was my 299th. This year, it's my 409th post. Upping the pace a bit I guess.  :)

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