Thursday, August 22, 2013

100th Post: Minnesota State Fair Root Beer

For my 100th post, I thought I'd do something fun. I spent the morning with my son at the Minnesota State Fair (it's opening day!), and we stumbled across this:

Only $1.50 for an icy glass of root beer? I needed something refreshing after chasing my 2-year-old around the fair for a few hours, so I bought a cup.

The sign said A&W (see the top photo), but the tap said Barqs, so I'm not really sure what it was. And I was too thirsty, so I didn't really stop to think or savor it. I just chugged the frosty deliciousness.

I should have walked a few blocks with the root beer because it would have been PERFECT with this fried (of course) "Minneapple" apple pie and ice cream:

Enjoy the closing days of summer!


  1. Gaaah! You put ice in your root beer?

    1. OH, I forgot to address that! The kid working there did that before I had a chance to stop him... I know it's a "no no!"

  2. if we can make it back for the state fair next year, I am trying that apple pie. that looks like pure deliciousness.