Thursday, December 5, 2013

Root Beer BBQ Pork

My brother-in-law is a meat cutter, and he's made a number of roasts with different sodas - we often use 7-Up. On Monday, we made a pork roast with root beer. I used some Triple XXX Root Beer because I had a bottle last year and knew it was pretty good stuff. (I got a 12 pack of fun sodas from my parents earlier this year for my birthday, and she had some Triple XXX in there, so I used that bottle for this roast.)

Triple XXX Root Beer and a pork roast with seasoning and onions.
Triple XXX Root Beer along with a 4+ lb pork roast covered in seasoning and onions.

Root beer soaked pork.
Just 2 seconds after pouring the entire bottle of root beer over the roast - notice the head at the top and to the left.

I made all that Sunday night, put it in the fridge like that until Monday around noon, and then put it in the crockpot so it'd be ready by suppertime on Monday night.

After about 5 hours on high in the crockpot.

Drained, shredded, and warm.

With some of the "root beer juice" added back, along with some BBQ sauce.

It doesn't taste STRONG of root beer. But when I was shredding it, I ate some pieces that were a little extra dark, had a slightly "carmely" root beer taste.

It's that simple: some seasoning, an onion, and a bottle of root beer over a pork loin in a crockpot until tender. Then drain, shred, add back some of the liquid, and add some BBQ sauce. Try it out sometime!

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