Monday, September 25, 2023

New Sodas to Try!

My soda-loving-friends have sent me another stash of things to try! (They first sent me some Shaq sodas 10 years ago, then stopped by with more shortly after that, and finally stopped over last year with more goodies!) Here's what arrived in the mail last week:

Sodas in the mail!
A heavy box that was $20 to ship!

Sodas in the mail!
Well-wrapped goodies inside.

Sodas in the mail!
Some root beer from Alaska, another fun Zia to try, and a few kinds of "Brigham's Brews!"

The 2 cans are in the fridge already as I'm excited to try those. Back with a review shortly. Thanks T and Brandon!!

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  1. You're also forgetting the time that we mailed you a root beer we found in Yellowstone/Montana that we loved so much we had to go find and ship you ... that had Old Faithful erupting the state of Minnesota. :)