Monday, May 21, 2018

Root Beer Tasting at Blue Sun Soda

On Saturday morning, my boys had a cross country race at Como Park. After that, we headed north to Blue Sun Soda for their free root beer tasting party.

Root Beer Tasting at Blue Sun Soda Shop
The 10 sodas (and tiny sipping cups on either end) ready for sampling.

I had previously had all but "Fiz Roc City" root beer. Left to right in that photo above was Red Arrow, Dorothy's, Always Ask for Avery's, Bedford's, Death Valley, Squamscot, Fiz, Zuberfizz, Dang!, and Cool Mountain.

Root Beer Tasting at Blue Sun Soda Shop
My 1st grader got in on the action. We tried all of them and kept track of what one we liked best.

Root Beer Tasting at Blue Sun Soda Shop
You were supposed to grab a bottle cap and vote for your favorite by putting it in the corresponding bucket.

Root Beer Tasting at Blue Sun Soda Shop
Henry liked Dang! the best.

Root Beer Tasting at Blue Sun Soda Shop
Dorothy won for me. Dang! and Zuberfizz weren't far behind.

Dorothy was my 2nd ever review on this blog nearly 6 years ago. I gave it an 8. Dang! actually got a 9 from me when I reviewed it, so I guess my tastes were a little different this past weekend. Blue Sun Soda noted on Facebook that Zuberfizz was the overall winner.

Blue Sun Soda Shop
Their selection of their made-in-house Whistler soda.

Pinball at Blue Sun Soda Shop
My pre-schooler played some pinball.

Blue Sun Soda Shop
Playing an old bowling game.

Sodas at Blue Sun Soda Shop
"Springtime Sodas."

Blue Sun Soda Shop
The boys on a noisy elephant with games and the root beer tasting in the background.

Sweet treats from Blue Sun Soda Shop
Enjoying some small sugary treats on the way home.

 I left with 10 bottles of new soda. I had just a few more from my old stash to drink first, but then I'll start in on these new sodas. I bought 2 Whistler sodas that I'll need to have soon because as I've noted recently, their caps don't seem to hold their seal for very long.

UPDATE: Blue Sun Soda added on Facebook the ranking of the top 4 of the taste test: "#1 Zuberfizz, #2 Dang, #3 Red Arrow, #4 Dorothy's." So Henry's and my picks were #2 and #4 out of 10. They also noted that they go through about a case of each soda at these "tasting" events, so they went through about 240 bottles total!

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