Thursday, September 3, 2015

Minnesota State Fair Goodies

I was at the Minnesota State Fair the other day, and one of my first stops is always the Horticulture Building and the 25 cent "honey sticks:"

Lots of flavors.


Last year, I stopped at the Spring Grove Soda stand (a tasty line of sodas from southern MN).  This year, I was saving my calories for other food, but I still walked by to snap a photo:

A Minnesota fav.

Here's lots of photos from my state fair trip last year (including photos of my cute son).  And in that post, I noted it was my 199th post.  The year before, my state fair post was my 100th post.  And now this year, it's my 299th post.  Keeping the rhythm nicely, I guess.  :)

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