Saturday, February 1, 2020

A Popular Post

I write this blog mainly for my own archive. I ALWAYS bring my blog up on my phone when I'm buying soda to see if I'm looking at a soda I've tried before. (Or to see if I'm re-purchasing a "9" or a "10!")

Still, it was fun to see recent post get a lot of hits! It was my post about visiting "Remix" candy and popcorn store that just opened 3 blocks from home. Someone shared my post the following day on a "foodie" page for the Twin Cities. Suddenly, I was on Facebook seeing random people sharing my post.  That was fun.

I glanced at my built-in page counter from Blogger, and it showed the anomaly:

My blog's stats 2 days after posting: 1100+ hits on that
post, 20x more than the next popular one for the month.

Later that month, the unusually popular posting date stands out.

I stopped in to Remix for some Christmas presents in mid-December, and I chatted with the owner the same way I have for the previous 4-5x I've been in. And that blog post came up. "Wait... are you Steve? With the 'root beer' blog?!?" she asked. Apparently, people had been coming in saying they had seen that post. I was happy to be driving business her way!