Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Lunch Deal That Includes a Cheap Soda (Black Cherry Soda at Lynden's Soda Fountain)

"Cheap" meaning "inexpensive." Not meaning "of low quality."

Lynden's Soda Fountain in St. Paul has been advertising a lunch deal that includes 2 hot dogs, some chips, and a homemade soda. So yesterday, my son and I stopped in over the lunch hour.

Henry's first sip of their Black Cherry soda. He loved watching the "soda jerk"
make it at the soda fountain just on the other side of the counter.


They have a BIG drink menu. This is just their "simple" sodas. They have about 10x more.
And a lot of the other items sound incredibly interesting! I need to KEEP coming back!

With our dogs and chips as Henry still works on the soda.

A big mouthful of  some ICE CREAM
(with Lynden's candy selection in the background).

He had to lick it clean.

An Instagramed photo: "Lunch date with my guy. @LyndensSoda has a great lunch special: 2 dogs,
some chips, and a homemade soda for $4.95. And they even threw in a free cup of ice cream for Henry!
(And we had to get a bag of candy and licorice for Mama for when she gets home from work.)"

Well, I suppose this calls for a quick review of Lynden's Black Cherry soda...

Brand: Lynden's Black Cherry Soda.

Origin: St. Paul, MN.

Purchase Place: Lynden's Soda Fountain, St. Paul, MN.

Sweetener: Unknown.

Review: Like many of the other sodas I've had here, it had a crisp, clean, and sharp flavor. My son wouldn't put it down. It wasn't smooth at all - it was all "sharp." (I'm assuming that's from adding the "fresh" soda water.) The black cherry flavoring was right on. It maybe could be a little smoother, but that's what you get from a soda fountain!

Score: 8 out of 10.

p.s. Here are links to my first 3 trips to Lynden's: checking it out for the first time and getting some Root Beer, going back to try more Root Beer and Sarsaparilla, and trying my first Lime Rickey. I need to make it a point to try to stop back about once a month with my son so we can share/try other great sounding soda-related items on the menu! It had been 6 months since we'd been there!

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