Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maine Root Root Beer

My wife told me this would be the best or the worst root beer we'd ever have - it was the most expensive root beer she'd ever purchased.

Maine Root Root Beer

The bottle boasted all kinds of natural and fair trade ingredients. Their website says "Handcrafted soda made with Fair Trade Certified organic evaporated cane juice.  Open a bottle and taste the flavor of extracts of wintergreen, clove and anise.  Our recipe combines these ingredients with FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED ORGANIC SUGAR to allow the flavor of each of these extracts to come through."

Brand: Maine Root Root Beer

Origin: Portland, Maine.

Purchase Place: Lunds Grocery Store, St. Paul, MN.

Sweetener: Fair trade certified organic cane juice (that's a mouthful...).

Review: The first 2 things I noticed was that it was quite watery, and it had a very herby and spicy flavor (not "hot" spicy, but "spice shop" spicy). The carbonation was a bit too weak. The spices were a bit much, but at the same time, the flavor was weak and watery. It needed MORE and LESS at the same time.

Score: 4 out of 10.


  1. Interesting, I really liked Maine Root

  2. as did i. but i do see where you are coming from.

  3. I'ved learned that I don't have very "fancy" tastes. I think that Maine Root was trying to be too much, and it just didn't work for me. My wife has slightly different tastes than I do, and she didn't care for it either. It wasn't HORRIBLE, but it was just below average enough to get a 4 out of 10.