Friday, March 20, 2020

Coronavirus Updates from Blue Sun Soda Shop

Here's an update from a few days ago from Blue Sun Soda Shop:

We are still open. The soda fountain is closed and so is the arcade. Those must stay closed until this passes.

We may be reducing hours of operation in the future as well.

We employ 12 jerks in total and would like to keep them employed. We are not Amazon and if we closed up we would not be able to keep paying our jerks so we are day-by-daying this whole thing.

None of the jerks are being forced to work if they do not want to either.

Billy is no longer giving out hugs.

If you come in the store please respect distance, wash your hands, and know that all of us will get through this sooner rather than later.

We are even discussing Whistler Case delivery to your home.

Good luck everyone. Wash your hands. Sneeze in your elbow. Stay away from crowds.

Blue Sun Soda Shop

That was from a week ago. Here's an update from yesterday: you can fill out this form totaling 24 sodas and they will have it ready at the door for you to pick up:

Good luck out there! Support local when you can!

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