Friday, July 15, 2016

Two Trips to "Fizzy Waters" Soda and Candy Store

My 5-year-old son and I spent 3 days camping near Duluth a few days ago. We stopped into "Fizzy Waters" soda shop TWICE during our time near Duluth. It just moved locations about a week ago from Canal Park to just the other side of the interstate. (We parked in Canal Park to do other things and walked to Fizzy Waters the first day with no problem.) Here are some photos:

Fizzy Waters
If it hadn't been for this sign out front, I would have thought they were closed.
They JUST opened in their new location this past week!

Fizzy Waters
The scene upon entering. My son spotted the candy in the middle aisle and off in the distance on the left.

Fizzy Waters
Five pairs of large shelves on the right side of the store with soda organized on each.
Right now it's just hand-written notes that say "grape," "citrus," "root beer," etc.

Fizzy Waters
More soda on the left side of the store. That's their "novelty" section on the right.

Fizzy Waters
They had a few coolers with cold soda.

Fizzy Waters
I was ready for this to be "just" a soda store with a little candy.
But they had a decent candy selection running front-to-back.

Fizzy Waters
From the back of the store looking to the front. Lots of candy to the right and in the middle.
Sodas down the left side along with in the distance on the right.

Fizzy Waters
One final look at the sodas before leaving.

I overheard someone who just walked in say "Oh, this is SOO much bigger than their other location!" They've got a lot of space. Some of it is currently unused, so I'd be curious to see what they do with it over the next few months. Find out more about Fizzy Waters on their website. And they have some great photos of them moving into their new location on their Facebook page.

I picked up 3 sodas during our 2 stops there (including a large bottle of small-batch root beer), so look for those reviews in the upcoming week!

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