Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy 333rd Soda to Me!

I went back and looked through all of my posts here. As of this moment, here's how this blog breaks down:

- 374 total posts (before this one)

- 315 "normal" soda reviews
- 27 shared articles, funny soda-related things, or showing ways we cook with soda
- 23 posts about different stores and/or refilling my soda stash (7 of those containing soda reviews)
- 4 posts reviewing hard cider/beer/root beer (but 2 of those posts contained 5 reviews each)
- 3 "other" posts (like the intro to this blog, etc.)
- 2 posts where I re-reviewed a soda that I thought deserved a second chance

So if I've done the math correctly, I've chronicled my experience with 333 beverages here so far (315 "normal" reviews + 12 hard ciders + 7 reviews at local soda fountains - 2 re-reviews = 333). Let's see if I can hit 500 reviews before the end of 2017. Bottoms up!

Sidenote: that total of 333 reviews could be a bit off. I could have missed a few "other" posts, so it could be a few short of 333. But I also know that a few of my soda fountain reviews contained more than 1 review (I know one contained 2 reviews, and one contained 3), so I have a 3 review cushion to get me back up to 333 total. So we'll just stick with a count of 333 for now.

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