Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cherry Soda at Cold Front in St. Paul

On Friday, the boys and I stopped off at Cold Front Coffee / Ice Cream / Soda shop:

Cold Front in St. Paul

I drove through that neighborhood a few days before that, and Randolph Ave was all torn up. I figured we'd stop to "help out the small guys" in case they were hurting from the road construction. But the construction near Cold Front was all complete! So stop by without fear of construction issues.

Cold Front in St. Paul
My boys enjoying "Superman" and "Birthday Cake" ice cream cones.

Cold Front in St. Paul
My Cherry Soda from Steve at Cold Front.

Cold Front in St. Paul
I got about 1/2 my soda. The boys split the other half. Charlie kept
saying "more please!" (And yes, he's got a bandaid on his finger and
a scratch on his face - it had been a rough 24 hours for him.)

I Instagrammed this after we left: "A quick stop at @coldfrontmsp for
ice cream and a homemade soda! #HighlyRecommended"

Brand: Cold Front Cherry Soda.

Origin: St. Paul, MN.

Purchase Place: Cold Front, St. Paul, MN.

Sweetener: Unknown. (I forgot to ask.)

Review: No joke: this was one of the best cherry soda I've ever had (if not THEE best). It was plenty sweet without being too syrupy, and the "freshness" of a homemade soda gave it a perfect slight kick with the "fresh" carbonated water. This was good. The boys couldn't stop stealing sips.

Score: 8 out of 10.

(Next time I go back, I need to try something with phosphate added for an extra tanginess. You can do that for a extra $0.50 at Cold Front.)

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