Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stocking up on Soda at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

It seems like it's becoming an autumn tradition to stop at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store in Jordan, MN. Yesterday, my boys and I kept that tradition alive:

My son (in the red) getting ready to run in.

Playing with candy.  LOTS of candy.

The "bacon" section.

Those are all puzzles lining the ceiling!  (And my nephew picking out candy on the lower-right.)

I always have to get a Whoopie Pie.  This time, we tried the Oatmeal  Creme, and it was the BEST EVER.

They have a major stock of soda.  As we were pulling in, their sign said they had 155 kinds of root beer:


This is all root beer!  (With a freezer of meat in the foreground.)

Grape sodas.

Pineapple, berry, grape, fruit punch, cherry, and orange soda sections, all sorted by flavor.

More of the root beer section with lots of fridges in the distance.

More sodas as far as the eye can see (with some large bottles of soda on the left).

My 3-year-old enjoying a sweet snack in the parking lot, and my 5-month-old looking on.

In the end, I walked out with a couple of treats, and 2 cases of assorted soda. One case is all root beer or sarsaparilla, and the other case is totally random:

My new stash!

Some sweet treats that made it home. (One Cow Tail didn't make it, and neither did the Whoopie Pie.)

Of my 48 new sodas to try, 19 are root beer (1 of those is technically "root beer float" and 3 are diet), 7 are sarsaparilla, and then there's a random assortment of black cherry, lemon lime, etc. But 6 are rather "interesting..."

L to R: Martian Poop, Dog Drool, Kittle Piddle, Rowdy Roddy Piper's Bubble Gum Soda,
Seal ya Later (there's no indication what flavor that is), and Judge Wapner's Root Beer.

I've actually enjoyed the 2 Avery's sodas that I've had in the past, so the Dog Drool and Kittle Piddle might be decent. I couldn't pass up anything with Rowdy Roddy Piper on it, but I don't expect that to be good. And the Judge Wapner root beer says "I sentence you to drink my root beer" on the bottle. Nice.

I'll be back with reviews of these as I try them. I have a root beer in the fridge to try later today. Click HERE to see more photos of inside and outside of Minnesota's Largest Candy Store from our trip last year (and a cute 2-year-old Henry in the pumpkins).

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