Monday, December 10, 2012

A Surprise In The Mail!

I got a little surprise last week. Someone from Ozark Mountain Bottleworks saw my review of their Root Beer last month. And they wanted to send me some of their other flavors to try!! (My one complaint that I noted in my review of their root beer was that if you wanted to purchase individual flavors directly from them, you'd have to buy an entire case of 1 flavor.)

We e-mailed back-and-forth last Tuesday, and a big box appeared on my porch 2 days later:

Ozark Mountain Bottleworks
Opened up, with the four "4-packs" folded on top.

Ozark Mountain Bottleworks
Underneath, there were 4 bottles of 4 different kinds of soda (plus a bonus Root Beer in the upper left).

Ozark Mountain Bottleworks
Ozark Mountain Root Beer, Grape Pop, Lemonade, Cream, and Orange Cream.

Ozark Mountain Bottleworks
Sodas and the box they came in.

It turns out, Ozark Mountain Bottleworks is a super small company. Chris (the guy who e-mailed me) said the company is just him, his wife, and his Mother-in-Law. And sure enough, I found a photo on their Facebook page wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, and it shows the 3 of them:

The people at Ozark Mountain Bottleworks

So THANKS, you 3 wonderful people from Ozark Mountain! That was TOO KIND of you!

I have a bottle of their Grape Pop and their Orange Cream in the fridge, and I plan to crack into one of them tonight. Stay tuned for my thoughts on their sodas!

Check out the Ozark Mountain Bottlework website.  And "like" them on Facebook.


  1. That's it. I'm starting a Slutty Redhead blog (though I'd then be worried about a big box on my porch).

    1. Careful SteveQ, this time of year, the contents might freeze... :)